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Impa didn't showed up in the end for an unknown reason.Impa despite being a lesbian, has a secret crush on Link and Gwonam and imagines herself being with them on a few occasions.Common ones are with a girlfriend-boyfriend relationship, but it can also be done with the same sex.There are many things that can go backwards with this relationship.A month passes and Zelda has received no word from the King, Impa tries to reassure her, and Link is certain that Ganon is no match for the King.He then gleefully goes off to save the King at Zelda's request, hoping to bomb some Dodongos in the process.She is an old, racist lesbian who is known all over Hyrule for secretly hating 'darkies'.

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He makes bloopers based on the video game Super Mario 64, and the setting of most of his bloopers are either original SM64 maps and Garry's Mod maps.

This does prevent parents from restricting their children from dating, as this is now classified as Emotional Abuse of a Minor under the Ministry's Books.