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Instead of referring to the Application object 4 different times, they could have been wrapped in a With construct like below. And then again at the end of the macro to switch them back. One thing you definitely want to stop doing, is selecting objects to perform operations on them. You can change values, test values and format objects without selecting them first. Now this is one example, and the options available to you will depend what you are doing. Take an example of copy and pasting data from one worksheet to another. By doing some research you can probably optimise your code a little better. This behaviour is normally unnecessary, as we only need to see the effect the macro has had when it has finished executing. By typing the line below somewhere near the start of the macro code, this will switch Excel calculations to manual.Meaning they will not recalculate as values are changed.

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As the macro runs Excel is constantly updating the screen to show what is happening. We can turn this off in a similar way to the previous technique.During a macro though, we do not need it updated and it is taking up resources. This setting is one you may need to consider a little more, and it is to disable Events. For example, when you close a workbook, the Before Close event is triggered. It also uses a variable to increment the row number so that we do not need to physically move to each cell.And when a value on a worksheet is changed, the Worksheet Change event is triggered. These 6 techniques will stop many of the unnecessary actions that macros perform, and will therefore greatly increase macro speed.Take the code below for example; Sub Use Variables() Range("A2").

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I have written some code where it will turn on screen updating just long enough to input a text value into a cell that explains to the user what the current status is for the procedure. Screen Updating = False More code here runs through a procedure to replace various cell values with another value based on specific criteria. So it might give Excel the opportunity to react to your set Screen Updating = True.

Now these also take up resources, so can be disabled with the line below.