Validating textarea javascript

23-Nov-2019 18:39

Usually you'll just want to check if Keep Learning // Advanced DOMs → Go!

hi,if you look closer, the # character in in the list of valid characters. ,@$#-_]/the part #-_means all characters bettwen # and _ .

When the form is submitted - either by hitting Enter or clicking on the Submit button - the to abort (cancel) the form submission. In a real-life situation you will most likely have more fields to check, and more complicated conditions, but the principle remains the same.

All you need to do is extend the command, in which case the form will be submitted.

A Java Script check is useful because it stops the form from being submitted if there is a problem, saving lots of time for your readers.

The CGI script is still more reliable, as it always works regardless of whether Java Script is enabled on the client-side or not; but having this extra safety barrier is a nice thing to have in place.

If the entered data follows all of the specified rules, it is considered valid; if not, it is considered invalid.

However, this doesn't disable support for the constraint validation API nor the application of the CSS pseudo-class or other As you can see, the HTML is almost the same; we just removed the HTML validation features.