Updating ubuntu server command line

21-Oct-2020 03:21

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Unlike proprietary operating systems, Ubuntu as well as any Linux like operating system come with free of change software updates privilege for every user.

The standard Ubuntu releases are continuously supported for 9 months since the initial release date whereas Ubuntu LTS (long-term support) releases such us Ubuntu 18.04 are supported for duration of five years since the Initial release date ( 26.4.2018 ) for both the desktop and the server.

It usually depends a lot on how “clean” your system is (no third-party repositories).

After the upgrade utility finishes its job, all you have to do is reboot your machine.

However, this is not the only scenario where this is useful.

The command line interface usually lets you see more about what is going on.

What this means is that if you’re currently using 16.04.5, you can’t upgrade to 18.04. It’s recommended to actually wait for the first point release.

The first new LTS release might still hide nasty bugs, but if you really need the new LTS, as soon as it comes out you can use a command line switch to force the utility to upgrade.

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When the graphical server gets upgraded, it might get restarted.If you or your provider didn’t make any special changes, type “Y” to pull in the updated configuration file.The upgrade process is not complicated, but complications may arise.Most command line utilities output a lot of text while they work.

Consequently, you might prefer this method if you want to see the details of the upgrade as it happens.

For example, it might update Ubuntu 16.04 to Ubuntu 18.04.

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