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The Quran only contains three verses that give specific guidelines on inheritance (Chapter 4, verses 11, 12 and 176).The information in these verses, together with the practices of the Prophet Muhammad, allow ​modern scholars use their own reasoning to expand on the law into great detail.The “fixed heirs” are close family members including husband, wife, son, daughter, father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, full brother, full sister, and various half-siblings.Exceptions to this automatic, “fixed” inheritance include disbelievers – Muslims do not inherit from non-Muslim relatives, no matter how close, and vice versa.Under no circumstances can these individuals be denied their fixed share, and these amounts are calculated directly after the first two steps are taken (obligations and bequests).It is not possible for these family members to be “cut” out of a will because their rights are outlined in the Quran and cannot be taken away regardless of family dynamics.In Muslim countries, a family court judge may apply the formula according to unique family makeup and circumstances.In non-Muslim countries, mourning relatives are often left to figure it out on their own, with or without the advice of Muslim community members and leaders.

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Up to one-third of the total assets may be set aside for payment of a bequest of one’s choice.

The beneficiaries of such a bequest may not be “fixed heirs” - family members who inherit automatically according to the divisions outlined in the Quran (see below).

Making a bequest to someone who already inherits a fixed share would unfairly increase the share of that individual over the others.

Under Islamic law, all legal documents, especially wills, must be witnessed.

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A person who inherits from a person cannot be a witness to that person’s will, as it is a conflict of interest.

The share that each person inherits depends on a formula which is described in Chapter 4 of the Quran.

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