Updating bind serial numbers automatically redhat

19-Sep-2019 13:26

It simply caches the results of all name resolver requests from the network that it serves to speed up responses to future requests for the same remote host.Note: The file is very particular about syntax and especially punctuation.BIND can be configured as master or slave to serve the DNS request for each zone.

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Now we will configure secondary as a slave DNS server for itzgeek.local. ( 1002 ; Serial 3H ; Refresh 15M ; Retry 1W ; Expire 1D ; Minimum TTL ) ; Name Server Information @ IN NS primary.itzgeek.local. Change itzgeek.local & 1.168.192.with your zone names.

Semicolons are used to delineate the end of an entry and the end of a stanza as well as the end of a line.

Be sure to add them in correctly as shown in the samples.

Now attempt to ping a common public host that does not block ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) packets; feel free to use my firewall, which is a Raspberry Pi.

You should get an "unknown host" or "Name or service not known" error because you currently have no working DNS service or resolver defined in the file.In this article, you will start by learning how to create a caching name server, then you will move on and learn how to upgrade that to a complete primary (master) domain name server for your network, complete with forward and reverse zone files.