U of t dating

03-Dec-2019 00:46

Back on campus in the fall, the student asked to meet Barrett for coffee, and they began dating.Their sexual relationship lasted through the next summer.Bloomsburg fought the decision, but a state appeals court upheld it last week.Bloomsburg doesn’t prohibit student-faculty relationships unless a supervisory relationship exists, and it no longer did in Barrett’s relationships, the court determined. In another example, Hofstra University recently vowed to change its policies after an undergraduate student complained that a professor hit on her immediately after she finished his course.

As for professional norms, Miltenberg said those were too subjective and differed too much between fields and institutions to be helpful. An academic who did not want to be identified, given the complexity of the issue, said she began dating her professor after her first year of graduate school in the early 1980s.But a relationship between the professor and one of his former students “didn’t go well,” Miltenberg said.