Trend micro client server security agent not updating

10-Jun-2020 13:22

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Pros: What I like most about this software is that it works really well. Cons: One thing I do not like about Trend Micro is that I have had some difficulty in renewing the software.Since we installed and started using Trend Micro we have been well protected. This may be because we need to go through a reseller, but I am not sure.

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Also, I have had some issues accessing some of the pages on their site with certain browsers, the layout gets all weird. Pros: Remote deployments, and a common portal to track definition updates.

Helps you easily remove and restore your computer back to life.

Cons: Although this product has saved me time, it's third on my list and wished that the software was more proactive in finding antivirus and malware that Malwarebytes easily picks up.

Overall: Feels like it does a pretty good job of monitoring our business network without over-taxing system resources.

Pros: The program runs in the background with out cause interference most of the time.This is something that should be address by Trend Micro to facilitate deployment in the corporate environment.