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Unlike collodion positives, ferrotypes did not need mounting in a case to produce a positive image.

A young boy poses for his photograph at Epsom Derby, 1947, William Jones, Science Museum Group collection.

The term ‘ferrotype’ was in common use, but the public tended to prefer the less formal ‘tintype’, implying the cheap, tinny feeling of the material.

Material These were made using a thin sheet of iron coated with black enamel and can be identified using a magnet.

The six plate tintype being approximately 2"x3" was just a little short of the standard carte size of 2"x4" so it could in fact be inserted directly into an album carte slot without requiring a mount.

"Bon Ton" ferrotypes were usually the size one quarter of a 5"x7" plate (four images to each plate being produced by abut they were also sometimes called gem tintypes although they were obviously much larger in size.

Simon Wing (c.1827-1911), a native of Maine is first listed as a daguerreotypist in the 1850 census in Orangeville, Michigan. He later moved to Worcester, MA where he was in partnership as Wing and Ellis (probably with Lemuel W.

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c.1831 in Belgium) that was issued in 1862 as a pamphlet and also as an appendix to the third edition of his "Treatise on Photography on Collodion".

The patent was purchased by Simon Wing who had already patented a camera design of his own in 1860.