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It’s still just conjecture, but they would make a nice couple. This might violate some kind of team rules, but I say there’s no rules in the game of love! In the interest of full disclosure, Penny Taylor was married for a few years to a guy named Rodrigo Gil.

The big photo that got everyone talking was Diana Taurasi’s girlfriend (in air quotes) accompanying her to the ESPY Awards. Diana had a kind of David Bowie thing happening, wearing a suit with a sort of rock & roll vibe to it. Rodrigo is an Olympic volleyball player who plays for Brazil.

Does Diana Taurasi’s girlfriend (in air quotes) marriage prove that she’s not dating Taurasi? Try as we might, we can’t say for sure that these two are a real couple.

They’ve been photographed hugging and looking fancy at events, but that’s about all there is in the way of facts here. We just want to see Diana with a hot lady who can score points, alright?

In the year 2011, Diana was voted as being one of the all-time players making it to the top 15 by the fans. Mario, her father, as born in Italy but brought up in Argentina.

He used to be a soccer player in Italy professionally and for some years, he was the goalie. Her parents later immigrated to the USA just before her birth.

At some instances in her career, she needed to play the forward as there were some shorter players in her team.

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WNBA career After her career in college, she was selected in the 2004 WNBA draft as first overall by phoenix mercury.

It's just a wonderful thing to see him every single day wake up and grow and recognize things.

He's just a beautiful little boy."Sleep is a word I don't really comprehend these days, so I'm running on 'E,' but it's all for the cause of a good little boy."Taurasi is hoping to make the U. team for the FIBA Women's Basketball World Cup (formerly called the World Championship) this fall.

PHOENIX -- Diana Taurasi has played much of her basketball in extreme climates.

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Summers in Phoenix, which at its hottest can sap anyone's strength.That's exactly what happened -- but for the best of reasons.