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In my book entitled "American Political Ideas, viewed from the Standpoint of Universal History," I have tried to indicate the pacific influence likely to be exerted upon the world by the creation and main- tenance of such a political structure as our Fed- eral Union. In this curiously constructed cabinet, the prime minister, Lord Boekingha Tn, counted for Political inst* little.

To some persons it may seem as if the years 1861-65 were of more cardinal importance than the years 1783-89. On the great question of parliamentary reform, which was brought up in May by the young William Pitt, the government was hopelessly divided. Containing Portraits, Map*, Facsimiles, Contemporary Views, Prints, and Other Historic Materials, a vols. Containing Portrait*, Maps, Facsimiles, Contemporary Views, Prints, and Other Historic Materials. FISKX ALL RIGHTS RESERVED INCLTJDING THE RIGHT TO REPRODUCE THIS BOOK OR PARTS THEREOF IN ANY FORM TO fl Y DEAB CLASSMATES, f RMCIS LEE HIGGOTSOff AHD CHAELES CABOT JACKSON, / DEDICATE THIS BOOS. THIS book contains the substance of the course of lectures given in the Old South Meeting-House in Boston in December, 1884, at the Washington University in St. It was doubtless for these reasons that the king, RESULTS OF YORKTOWN.

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