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18-Apr-2020 09:11

Excitement gives way to familiarity, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s any less good.When 20 turns 30, do not fear, sex is better with experienced years. As you gain better (and deeper) knowledge of yourself and what pleases you, sex becomes more assuring, enjoyable and you experience a heightened sense of satisfaction.It doesn't happen to everyone, but for some women, hormonal birth control causes dryness.The biggest culprit is the Pill, but patches and rings can do it, too.Adventure, not experiment, is the key for satisfactory sex in your 30s.

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Vaginal dryness probably isn't a health issue you chat about with the girls over a glass of rosé.From what I could gather talking to my women-friends, the common perception is that sex may be exciting and impulsive in the 20s, but it gets to being a ‘chore’ in the 30s.From the twirling 20s to the thriving 30s, there are obvious changes in sex patterns and expectations.D., an ob/gyn at UCSF Medical Center specializing in sexual health concerns, tells SELF.

Anything that lowers the amount of estrogen circulating in your body will reduce blood flow to the tissue, resulting in dryness of either the vagina or vulva.

But for those who stay in, not out, try to spice up their sex life with new routine and toys.

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