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In addition to, or separate from, a prison sentence, someone convicted of a felony offense in Ohio can also be sentenced to pay a fine.Like incarceration sentences, fines differ depending upon the degree of the felony convicted.For a more in-depth explanation of the time limits for felony and misdemeanor offenses, read Ohio Criminal Statute of Limitations. If you suspect you are being investigated for a felony in Ohio, or have already been charged, you must consult with an experienced local defense attorney as soon as possible.Your ability to defend yourself against the charges depends on receiving advice from an attorney who not only understands Ohio law, but who also has experience representing criminal clients in area courts.Several media outlets and citizen advocacy groups propose that bodycam video footage constitutes a public record and should be disclosed in most cases.On the other hand, law enforcement agencies and privacy rights advocates often argue that these videos are confidential and should not be released to just anyone on request, particularly when the videos detail open and ongoing criminal investigations.A specific provision allows for citizens and media outlets to appear before a court to argue that the public interest in releasing such footage outweighs any competing privacy interests.A court would then make the final decision about whether or not to release the video.

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For example, someone convicted of aggravated murder must serve at least 20 years in prison before becoming eligible for parole; while someone who uses, displays, or brandishes a firearm during the commission of certain crimes faces a mandatory minimum of three years in prison.

For someone convicted of aggravated murder, the potential penalty ranges from death to life with the possibility of parole after 20 years.

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