Regina hall dating kevin hart labouef dating

03-Feb-2020 17:05

We can have so much fun when we’re doing love scenes because there’s never any extra underlying agenda.” “That’s the deal-breaker…If someone looks at me and is like ‘you can’t wear sweats…’ that’s not to say I won’t make efforts. She’s exceptionally talented and if you’ve seen About Last Night, you know she’s quite hilarious, she matched Kevin’s funny joke for joke. And in the upcoming issue of Upscale magazine, she explained why they were able to work so well together and Kevin’s obsession with thongs. ’ We’re like family and I think that’s why we work so well together. Every time we’re doing a scene, he’s like, ‘I can’t do this with Regina’s granny panties!When he sets up his best friend, Danny (Ealy), with her roommate, Debbie (Bryant), the sparks soon fly as they try to navigate the relationship minefields from the bar to the bedroom. After Blockbuster hits like Think Like A Man, Best Man Holiday and most recently, About Last Night, if the world is just and fair, we should be seeing much more of her. ’ And I’m like, ‘I don’t have to have a string up my ass to shoot a scene every day, Kevin and this is what this is going to be! Her booty has been in demand since the mid-nineties…keep reading to find out why, and more importantly, to see DAT ASS!

Now aged 48, she remains a successful figure in the film industry who continues to entertain multiple generations with her personality and never-ending skill.By year 2011, Regina Hall had featured in more than 25 total movies and TV shows combined.