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27-Dec-2020 01:00

It can be a challenging, kind of lonely, painful time at points and really confusing, and I felt like God over and over again just said, “Trust My heart and that I’m going to take care of you, and really surrender that part of your life to Me.” So, I think when we feel safe in His love then it helps us feel safer in dating.

Really, emotionally, dating isn’t very much of a safe-feeling place a lot of times, or it didn’t feel that way to me. So, I think trusting in God’s love for me and that I was enough even, though things were challenging with dating, was a big lesson He was teaching me over and over. A.” It was my first audition, and I just felt so much pressure and fear about it.

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So, it’s that whole balance of letting go but also knowing that if He’s put that desire there, it’s there for a reason. Well, in your own personal journey, you have been very outspoken about the importance of sexual purity before marriage as demonstrated in your influential and powerful hit The first encouragement I would give is to pray for strength to remain strong in that commitment because it is challenging and hard to live out in our culture today where everybody’s so flippant about sex, and so many people are having sex outside of marriage. There were things I had people encourage me saying, “Don’t let a guy touch you in places where a swimsuit will cover.

Don’t lie on a bed together,” and things like that. If this person isn’t my future spouse, would I be ashamed to tell my future children what I’m doing with this guy right now?

These are the kind of boundaries that were important for me. You know, just thinking long term as opposed to short term is really important. , there’s a part that says, “Waiting for the look in your eyes when we meet for the first time,” and I really did see a look in his eyes.

A world-renowned Christian music artist with chart-topping hits resulting in countless industry awards including a Grammy. Spokesperson for Compassion International aiding in meeting basic needs for tens of thousands of children worldwide.

Outspoken advocate for sexual purity and pro-life causes.

It’s so hard to let go, but I think it’s what He calls us to do so that we can love from that free place.