Prevent apple tv from updating speed dating in northern nj

29-Apr-2020 00:47

If you've tried all of these steps and still can't update your apps, it's time to appeal to higher authority: Apple. You'll need to Make an Apple Genius Bar Appointment.Apple provides tech support over the phone and at the Apple Store. I now got the same problem: sad OSMC after applying a requested update.

This will prevent apps from updating without you manually downloading the update.

This obviously requires i Tunes, and at the moment there is no way to ignore or end i OS software updates from happening on the device itself directly in i OS.

Users can stop the i OS software update notifications on an i Phone, i Pad, or i Pod touch but the i OS update will attempt to continue to download itself to the device and harangue the user to install unless some preventative measures are taken.

As I don’t like rebooting by pulling the power cord: would be possible rebooting via command line: $ sudo reboot, to prevent sad OSMC in the future?

The above Sticky Post with its 2 phases of instructions is Key - I just SSHed on as OSMC with My Password And then Copy Pasted the commands and it seems to be back and working.

There are a lot of ways to solve this problem, but the fixes aren't obvious.

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