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After a semester, Sewell returned home to Arizona, where she prayed for help finding a husband.

Mormons today face longer tenures in singledom and a skewed gender ratio.

Six years ago, he began flying cross-country in search of a wife.

On weekends, he created elaborate dating strategies for new cities, filling his calendar with singles events he heard about through the social media grapevine.

They even created a church building in Arlington, Virginia exclusively for singles, a first for the faith.

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" Cooper Boice, the founder of Mutual, says that while some people are just on the app to date, he considers marriage to be the "ultimate success." In total, he says, more than 100,000 Mormons in more than 100 countries around the world have swiped through the app more than 250 million times.

"Don't give up -- don't think any of this is for naught."For most of his life, Brown, the lawyer, felt he had three dating options.

Ranked in order of preference, they were: a happy marriage to a fellow Mormon, an unhappy marriage to a fellow Mormon, or not getting married at all.

There are 150 Mormon women for every 100 Mormon men, according to one study, creating a statistical dilemma that complicates church leadership's bold project to ensure all youth attain a temple marriage.

In total, 51% of Mormon women over age 18 are single, according to internal statistics cited in a church public relations video, which leaked on the website "Mormon Leaks." For these women, the dream of previous generations -- 87% of married Mormons have a Mormon spouse -- may not be statistically attainable.In late July, local church leader Wayne Janzen held a conversation with women in a Washington, DC singles ward, asking them to air their dating grievances.