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And with the exception of November through January, it runs all year long; which has transformed Ashland, a town of 20,000, into an artsy, foodie, queer-embracing oasis in conservative rural Oregon.

For gay theater lovers, OSF’s is a destination event.

At a recent weekday matinee performance, several large high school groups were in attendance.

They welcomed characters’ climactic embraces with approving “aaawwwws” and spontaneous applause. Perhaps someday, they’ll attend a gender-bent straight version.

But except for the occasional shift of a “he” to a “she” or “girl” to “boy” and vice versa, the original script and song lyrics of the songs haven’t been changed.” says Rauch, 55.

“And since then, I’ve often thought about whether it could be done with the lead roles as same-sex couples.”“To be honest though, I felt like it was idle fantasy.

The Stonewall riots transform the gay rights movement from one limited to a small number of activists into a widespread protest for equal rights and acceptance.

Patrons of a gay bar in New York's Greenwich Village, the Stonewall Inn, fight back during a police raid on June 27, sparking three days of riots.

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Joe Cino, an Italian-American theater producer, opens Caffe Cino.Milk comes in 10th out of 32 candidates, earning 16,900 votes, winning the Castro District and other liberal neighborhoods.