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17-Dec-2020 01:45

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If you’re not sure what a macro is, please visit my hunter macros page.

If you’re familiar with macros but have some questions concerning Garxz’s Hunter Pv P Macros, then post them in the comments section below. Garwulf: What specific addons do you use for Pv P and why..?

#showtooltip Bestial Wrath /stopcasting /stopcasting /cast Bestial Wrath /cast Focus Fire /use Ruthless Gladiator's Badge of Conquest /cast Call of the Wild /cast Roar of Recovery /use Unsolvable Riddle/stopcasting /stopcasting /cast Deterrence /use item:58489 /use item:64361 /use item:64881 /use item:28788 /use item:44430 /use item:64383 /use item:64358 /use [target=Garxz] the heartbreaker /use item:64399 /use item:63359 Enjoy.

Failed a bit on having Bestial Wrath and Focus Fire in same earlier but everyone makes mistakes ^^.

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I use Serpent sting a lot in arena, however I mostly use Hunter’s Mark to cover traps from being dispelled, or unless I have extra time to apply it.

Garwulf: You’re known for being one of the top rated Beast Mastery hunters in the world. I lvled as BM and ended up Pv Ping as BM as I didn’t like Survival or MM.