Most intimidating fans in nhl

24-May-2020 03:46

most intimidating fans in nhl-81

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Between the Shark head and the antics of their mascot, S.

The event in question is now known as the Artest Melee, and it still stands as the single most iconic showdown between fans and players, with both parties breaking the infamous “fourth wall” and getting involved in each other’s affairs to a violent extent. While hardly a perennial juggernaut, the Seahawks have an ace up their sleeve in the form of acoustics and stadium design ingenuity. The Seahawks learned how to harness the power of their fans through not only the architecture (designed to reflect noise back on the field), but they also keep a running tally of false start penalties on the other team as an incentive for fans to keep the volume up during defensive stands.Like their Eagles counterparts, they’ve also been known to lob batteries at opposing players, like JD Drew in 1999. From the tailgate scene that starts 5 hours before kickoff (I know that this in and of itself doesn’t frighten opposing teams, but happy, drunk fans before the game are rambunctious and enthusiastic fans during the game.), to the blinding sea of red not only inside the stadium but throughout the city in the days leading up to the game, to the noise factor which regularly bestows upon the crowd the traditional “12th man” status.