Most intimidating birds in sports

11-Dec-2020 17:16

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The excessive fan noise has prompted teams to accuse the Seahawks of playing crowd noise over the stadium's PA system.Following an NFL investigation, it was concluded they do no such thing, the fans are just that loud!Check out the greeting Ochocinco got when he tried to leap in to the Pound... Their appearance alone is enough to scare the hell out of visiting teams, not to mention how rowdy they get.They've been know to bring dummies and fake severed heads of opponents to throw around the section.The number 12 has been retired by the Seahawks in honor of their fans.In the old Cleveland Municipal Stadium, the Dawg Pound struck fear in the hearts of opposing teams. And he knows how to open every latch and escape so you have to be very careful. "I've enjoyed getting to know him despite him making me stressed and nervous every time it's feeding time lol.

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Not even the USA's nation anthem is safe, as it has been booed several times before the beginning of a game.These fans have sent chills into the backbones of their opponents so much that they dread playing away games at these stadiums/arenas.