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GOP candidate Alan Keyes, who recently spoke at Bob Jones University, said Friday night he thought lifting the ban was “a good step forward.” “As you know, I’m married to an Indian American, so our marriage would have violated their own guidelines,” he told the Associated Press in a telephone interview.“I think this will help, so that the world will understand the real heart of Bob Jones University, and the people I met there and the people I know there.

Bush apologized earlier this week for failing to criticize the school’s anti-Catholic views and racial policies during his visit to the Greenville, S.

Straight black women and Eastern males remain to be the best ignored on dating systems: An oft-cited 2014 survey by FINE Cupid discovered that 82 per-cent of non-black guys held some prejudice against black females, while Asian males acquired the least information as well as worst rankings of any kind of demographic on the application.