Michelle obama dating tips

31-Oct-2020 08:25

If I have to spend a lot of time meeting with others about a project I’m working on — while I’d much rather be locked alone in my office — I remind myself who will benefit from it.

Some examples might be more obvious, like when I’m organizing an event for people with disabilities.

I take comfort in knowing that Michelle Obama, who was probably an introvert, not only survived but also thrived in one of the most public-facing roles that exists.

If she can make it in an extroverted world, I can too — and so can you.

For example, at work, your loud and charismatic coworkers probably get more attention, but maybe you’ve observed a change in your demographic that could influence a new marketing campaign.

Approach other coworkers one-on-one with your idea, and tell them you need their help disseminating it to the rest of the group.

She believed she was working for the greater good — or on behalf of someone else.

Here are four introvert-survival strategies I learned from Michelle as she navigated the world of politics and life in the public eye, which we can apply to our (somewhat less exciting) lives among a population of extroverts.

She brought her chef, personal trainer, and stylist from Chicago to D. I understand why she wanted to keep people she knows around in her life, for a few reasons.

First, having deep relationships allows introverts to bypass small talk (which we both loathe and dread), and go right into more meaningful conversation.

— Michelle Obama’s recently released memoir — all that much.

I thought it would be a wishy-washy recap of eight years in the White House, an account from someone too diplomatic to write anything that would be interesting to me.

Apart from being a phenomenal First Lady, Michelle Obama is an outstanding author and her second book ‘Becoming’ brings to light this talent as well as her formative years growing up in Chicago.

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