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28-Aug-2020 21:49

CK: In and Out or Jake’s because I love those fried jalapeños (bottle caps) they put on their burger. That’s where you go with your friends before a Mavs game.

OSC: What restaurant could a guy take you on a date that would impress you? I don’t want to go to like an Uptown douchebag place. I want to go somewhere romantic and quiet and like you’re not trying too hard.

What viewers didn’t see was the subsequent demise of the friendship when Nordgren couldn’t/wouldn’t commit to a relationship. OSC: Your new show centers around you and your relationships with several of your girl friends.

They both appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen in October 2012 to address the split. CK: In the first episode (of CLD), we both end up at the same event. If they are telling you that someone is a womanizer, then he probably is. ‘Oh, he’s not like that behind closed doors.’ But why would I want someone to (act like my boyfriend) behind closed doors? Why wouldn’t you want to be with a man who is like that when you’re in public.? Out of all the friends you have, how did you end up with the three we meet on CLD?

Follow Courtney on Twitter @The Courtney Kerr and Instagram @The Courtney Kerr Get style inspiration at What Courtney Wore.Here’s the lowdown: Courtney took a leap of faith by quitting her stable job in fashion retail to pursue her exploding fashion blog full-time (woohoo, a girl after my own heart!) hoping to make her mark on the industry she’s obsessed with.However, as Courtney’s career rides high, she neglects important friends and proves that having it all sure isn’t easy.

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Here’s how Courtney described the show, in her own words: “I would describe it as a 31-year-old single gal, who loves Dallas, who’s just kind of navigating her way through the city that is filled with 30,000 millionaires.CK: This show is as real as it gets and I was very adamant about that.