Marketing to dating boomers

23-Mar-2020 11:48

A Millward Brown Digital study found that 31 percent of baby boomers use laptops or PCs to shop online.

Although one in four say they use their mobile phone.

Instead, you should be putting in the extra time and effort to show that you have a superior product that’s worth their while.

Remember, they are willing to do the research, so you should be willing and even delighted to systematically break down all the reasons why they should buy from you. With people’s attention spans shorter than a goldfish's and getting ever shorter by the year, using long strands of text has become a taboo in marketing.

While search engines are super effective, using social media to target baby boomers shouldn’t be completely overlooked.

Instead of using short and concise copy, baby boomers appreciate it when you spell things out for them.

Make sure they have the chance to dig into all the fine details of what you have to say.

Being called “old” is perhaps the biggest pet peeve among the baby boomer generation.

Just recently, my resume writing business had a client in his 60s who was concerned about being discriminated against in the job market due to his age.Even when it was the client who brought up the issue of age, to begin with, he was still very upset when he was called old in a situation where the resume writer was simply throwing out ideas that could help make him seem younger to potential employers.