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05-Jan-2020 13:32

Then check the box to set the date and time automatically, and OS X should set your time accordingly.

If the time still does not update, then try toggling this box off and then on again, and wait up to a few minutes for the date to update.

These policies might also be enforced on some VPN connections, which may affect your Mac’s time simply by logging into your VPN service with a specific client.

A final issue you might run into is if your time zone settings are incorrect, where your Mac’s time may be off by exactly an hour or two.

my mac time is not updating..i dual boot with windows thus the time gets screwed..usually, after osx partition is booted, the time will be updated.for recently.just stop updating.not very important but annoying.anyone have any idea whats going on..thanks in advance.btw, firewall is off =)hi, thanks for the quick reply, i already tried toggling it on and off.didnt work.server is which i assume to be valid..file have read and write permission.time still not updating.

thank you Hi some useful (maybe) suggestions in this thread.

Any idea as to why this is happening or how to fix this issue?

Your CMOS battery on your motherboard may need replacing, First, boot into Setup (Bios) Set the time here. If the time is behind on this reboot, or any reboot after that, then the CMOS battery must be changed.

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For example, you might have i OS 9 or earlier and your country or region or government changes the time zone or the observance of daylight saving time.You can also manually trigger the NTP update service to run by opening the Terminal and running the following command (supply your password when prompted—it will not show): Note that while you can test and manually enter time server information on your Mac, some corporate network policies will require your Mac to use a time server specified by your corporation’s IT department.