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But the ones at Right Brain dive a bit deeper into mad scientist territory.

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Large Marge, (7.3% alcohol by volume) is smooth and tasty, with nice banana-bread notes and Belgian spice flavors.Beers of this caliber vanish shortly after they appear in metro Detroit.Also, try the pretzel sticks (.50) with sea salt and white cheddar ale cheese.The recipe included lemon zest as well as juice, and it was delicious — a refreshing, more-natural-tasting departure from the uber-sweet shandies (lemonade mixed with beer) that have been rising in popularity. (with, for example, Nicie, a wheat ale brewed with orange and lemon zests, coriander, and some peppercorn), are among the most experimental in the state.

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Both breweries have received national gold medals in the Great American Beer Festival's "experimental beer" category (see here and here).It was a mistake, said Schuett, who’s also head brewer.

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