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15-Mar-2020 09:10

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You have about ten seconds to choose options, and every time I come across a choice, no matter how many times I've played the game, my heart always starts beating really fast and I get an adrenaline rush, waiting until the last second to purposely make it dramatic. To fully complete the game, you must complete all 12 good and sad endings.

You even get a special bonus chapter once you finish the game!

And that's what I thought at first too, just a creepy guy who wears bandages that look like S&M bondage tape. And once you get to know him, maybe you won't think he's so creepy after all.

Besides, he's a GREAT kisser, totally hot CG scenes right there.

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The music during the story wasn't annoying or bothering and suited the story nicely, not that I pay much attention to the music because the story just sucks you in and is so captivating.

As you get ready to go to bed, you see a faded silhouette of a pretty kimono-wearing girl emitting from the pendant.

She then asks for your help and you're slipped into a dream and find out that the girl is Princess Hatsuhime and that you've switched bodies with her!

You play as average school girl Sayori who's part of the history club.

On an archaeological dig, you slip into a hole and find a shiny, pretty green pendant which you decide to take home with you.

Also, if you choose too many bad choices or if you're indecisive with your guys, you could *gulp die.

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