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16-Nov-2020 11:10

Gloria Velez is much more than just eye candy, she's a hustler; ask about her. The beautiful 26 year-old Puerto Rican thugstress is as down to earth as you could expect from a female who is used to being hit on from multimillionaire athletes and rappers alike. That sounds cool, what about your 9 to 5?

On this humid Saturday night in NYC's Club Exit, the New York City native and Florida resident is the heart of the party, the center of attention, but it's more than just her big boobs popping out of her white top that draws people to her. Though she's been through a lot in the last couple years including the death of her father, and seeing her ex-boyfriend go to jail, Gloria is remaining focused on things that matter most in her life -- her family and her career. So what your schedule like? Gloria Velez: I never have a 9 to 5; my 9 to 5 is my family.

I also do photo shoots; I get paid to do a lot of photo shoots.

Right now, I am negotiating a lot of different endorsement deals.

So, Tom decided to handle the situation by himself.

Therefore, Tom gathered all the courage and came out as a gay on stage while performing a comedy in Cardiff.

While talking to on 6 August 2014, Tom told the story of him revealing his sexuality.It's her kindness, playful nature and beautiful smile that is winning over this hip-hop journalist and keeping those around her in good spirits. In this exclusive interview, she candidly discusses how her relationship turned sour with Joe Budden, reveals her feelings towards Melyssa Ford and Vida Guerra, and explains just how she plans on making the transition from video girl to the first ever platinum Latina rapper. I cook, I clean, I take my son to school, I do family things; I am very family oriented.

On 22 February 2015, he was the winner of the first series of Get Your Act Together.… continue reading »

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Vida de que le gusta la rodilla en todas las imágenes guiadas sexual es. Murmure sus deficiencias, proviene de la mujer o varias personas los chicos le gustas.… continue reading »

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Who needs to hang out in the local coffee shop to find a date?… continue reading »

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