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31-Oct-2020 20:30

If you fall into this category, or if you’re a redhead yourself, we have nine dating websites you’re going to love.Not only are these the best of the best, but they’re also affordable, allowing you to join, browse, and communicate for free.Plus, he was tall, blond and his smile revealed an adorable little gap between his front teeth. I’d been called firecrotch all through high school by some jocks whose names I now repeat like Arya in I’d even had friends who’d casually told me they “would never date a ginger guy,” which of course made me wonder if people had the same thought about me, a ginger woman.So when I decided to leave, my hopeful heart opened and I asked for his number. But this was the first time someone had been so direct as to say they wouldn’t date anyone who looked like me. Nick’s response didn’t deter me from dating, but it did force me to acknowledge that as someone who isn’t the norm — even if it is a hair color — I’ll always be looked at under a separate lens.

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But a few years ago, I met Nick at a mutual friend’s party and decided to be brave.

Some people say things like redheads have no souls, and shows like “South Park” make fun of them, but it’s all been in good fun.