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The blank check given to Austria-Hungary from Germany was basically unconditional support from Germany to Austria-Hungary when dealing with Serbia.Germany would support any action taken by Austria-Hungary. That is reason after WW2 Austria was not considered as a German partner during WW2 Tensions were building between France and Germany; each was afraid that the other was going to invade.Austria later declared war on Russia on August 6, 40 days after the assassination. The alliance between Germany and Austria-Hungary ( Canada) was defensive.However, on 6 July 1914 Germany in effect gave its unqualified support to anything that Austria-Hungary might do regarding the Sarajevo assassination. They made Germany take the blame because Germany was the most aggressive, although Serbia had really started it by assassinating the new Austria-Hungarian King.

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Austria wanted to punish Serbia, who was allies by Russia.

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Germany and Austria were allies in World War I, and in World War II, Hitler formed an 'Anschluss', or pact, giving…

The assassin was a Serbian terrorist, and Ferdinand was an Austria-Hungarian.

The Austria-Hungary government wanted Serbia to turn the assassin over to them, but Serbia refused.