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Believe it or not, when Ullman first started dating KISS’s ‘The Demon’ in the 1970s, she had no idea who he was, or who he would go on to become.The relationship between Ullman and Simmons didn’t last more than a few dates, and this was probably for the better.

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Even though their relationship only lasted for 3 years, business-minded Simmons helped Ross’s career in a big way by convincing her to leave Motown Records.It’s better to be blunt and un-liked than shade the truth. These days, Sophie is chasing all of her dreams, which involve filling her father’s shoes with her music career, and her mother’s shoes with her acting career.Lately, Sophie has also started her very own fashion line. I’m not just “daughter of blank.”” Sophie’s fashion line is known for producing affordable clothes made for all body-types.In 1985, she married a Boston real estate developer named Donald Saunders. Ullmann has done her best to keep her personal life private but overall seems to be doing quite well these days.

When Gene Simmons decided to produce a solo, self-titled album in 1978, he wanted to fill his album with talented musician from all different genres.While it may remain unclear as to whether or not De Vasquez shared a romantic encounter with Gene Simmons, there have certainly been a fair share of rumors claiming that something went down between the two.