Gdi dating sorority girl

24-Nov-2019 08:28

All I hear are these stories about them being sloots especially to get into the sorority I have been with a sorority girl past 1 year.Initiation stuff is just memorization and what not, don't worry about that slootology it's not real.

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However, here are some reasons why you should date a GDI: 1.

edit: i was frat too back in the day but it is what it is lol @ all these FA GDI's who have no idea how greek life works.

there is no gang bang initiation thats only in pornos.

If she says she hasn't slept with that many guys, you won't believe her anyways. she is a senior in a follow on program now but when she was at a university she was in a sorority. She does still like to party some but the trust is good. I'm currently dating a girl that was president of her sorority (zeta) and she just graduated.

you'll sound like a idiot asking about initiation and she will most likely laugh at you.

We pretty much mutually broke up b/c she was saying she wants to keep seeing me but has to keep interacting with other guys and her "sisters" are always doing so as well. Still would smash for random ons tho when on dem dry spells.