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14-Apr-2020 15:23

I've created the event in the Grid View definition and now the application does not crash. After developing in VB for years I picked up c# in no time.

I've put a breakpoint in Page Index Changing and in Page Index Changed, only the breakpoint in Page Index Changed got a hit. As a matter of fact, I fell in love with it and have not written so much as one line of vb code since.

My web app is using the MVP pattern and we don't use data sources. The problem is that in item commend when I call Update Item(false) it triggers the item Updating event and never the Item Updated event. The problem I am having though is how do I set it back to readonly after the update button is clicked.

Which I need to set my Details view back to read only. Anyone have any ideas why Item Updated isn't being fired? Hi Nick, The Details View Item Updated event is only fired is the Details View is bound to a Data Source ID, so you'll need to add this logic somewhere else (maybe in Item Command after Update Item is called). Everytime I do I get the error meesage that Update Item can only be called while the Details View is in edit mode.

Anyone see anything strange in my straight-forward code? ASPX Don't know if this will help, but it shouldn't hurt either. Unwrap the Error catching from around the Label1in your onupdated event. I'll try your idea for the Label, but as far as removing the error handling goes, I know it doesn't make it there by fact that it never hits my breakpoint in that method anymore. Thanks again for the suggestions [: D] More stoopid noob tricks. maybe double check that it is hitting the end of the updating event.

One more thing, the event fired intially when I set it from the Designer, but no more. And then of course, the cheap work around is to take your code from the 'updated' event and move it to the end of the 'updating' event.

You've already confirmed that it is actually updating the records. But I'm also used to events not doing what they are labeled to do. The code makes its way all the way through the Finally of my try-catch block, but just doesn;t make it to my other event.

Onfiltering NOT actually filtering, that sorta thing. I agree that I might need to move my code up one event, but this was a test page in the first place.

Information regarding the origin and location of the exception can be identified using the exception stack trace below. Although I'm too late about this info, I'll keep working and familiarizing . I had the same problem where the app would crash because of Page Index Changing not being handled.

I'm just curious how or where I should set my view back to readonly?

Thanks for the quick responses, Nick Hi Nick, I've never built an MVP app, so my suggestions may not be the best for that architecture (but I know a thing or two about the Details View, so maybe I can help).

So, in my test: That may be what you're seeing, and if that's the case one easy option is to change the command names on the buttons so they do not match (e.g. Then the update logic will only be initiated from within Item Command, and not automatically by the Details View. Thats why I was looking for the Item Updated event to set the Details View to readonly.

Simple Form View with manual databinding for test purposes.

The Details View is designed to be able to handle certain events automatically, and that's implemented by certain keywords in the Command Names.

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