Findcontrol in gridview rowupdating event

15-Aug-2020 14:44

The following example demonstrates how to use the Row Command event to add the name of a customer from a Grid View control to a List Box control when a row's Add button is clicked.

The following example demonstrates how to use the Row Command event to update the price of a product when a row's button is clicked.

For the user to be able to check the checkbox, it needs to be a Template Field.

For example: Now this does get the control that is in the Item Template, not the Edit Item Template.

In order to get to the Edit Item Template, you need to first create a Template Field column.

findcontrol in gridview rowupdating event-78

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I am a little confused as to why you are programmatically querying and updating data when you are obviously using an Sql Data Source.However, atleast for the checkbox, it does contain the modified value.

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