Eunjung and jang woo dating in real life

22-Mar-2020 04:04

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Anyways, I am loving this drama, and as I said in my prior comment I ship you and Jang Keun Suk's character..the turn of events I'm wondering if your characters are brothers or is Sukkie's character just a bait....well, I'm looking forward to how the drama will finish playing out but I've been so hoping that more episodes will be added because 16 episodes isn't enough to tell the full story and fill in some of the great holes that have been left open by the writers....(WRITERS IF YOU ARE SOMEHOW READING THE ONLINE COMMENTS....PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE GET MORE EPISODES ADDED TO THIS SHOW!!!!I like the way this actor portrayed himself as selfish and mean initially.But he portrayed himself well as likeable and with a soft side of him when he showed empathy towards the guy who was humiliated (dunno that actor’s name). He’s got the stature and outstanding personality…not to mention the way he carries his clothes well…near perfect.His role in WGM just boosted his image to become popular..well as his new show Glory Jane..yea, best of luck on all that he does... :) i didnt know him until he got married with eunjung..i think his popularity is rising because of eunjung..after i watch him in WGM, i search about him, and i end up watch his latest drama, 'Glory Jane'. I believe many people around the world know jang woo through eunjung! she is so adorable, gullible, very innocent, and to top it all Eun Jung has this great honest personality her face tells all, which I like very much and I adore her for it. But he portrayed himself well as likeable and with a soft side of him when he showed empathy towards the guy who was humiliated (dunno that actor's name). He's got the stature and outstanding mention the way he carries his clothes well..perfect. @Sweetie actually he got famous because of his role in Smile Donghae,people pretty much knew him from this show before WGM.

Suprarrenales enfermedades yahoo dating Are jang woo and eunjung really dating .It's not only your looks that made you popular but most especially your talent. And with your latest series, you just did perfectly well. I hope to see more of your series and hear more of your songs. I was so surprised last night, and I was jumping up and down when you walked into that board room to save a brother who doesn't even know you are his brother...I was so like, "yeppie, yeppie, yeppie..for you ole evil witch lady" but at the same time I am now afraid for your character Joon Ha/Choi David oppa..lady is a demon wearing human skin (the chairman's wife), gives me the chills.) I'm curious about the Chairman and all of the children he's fathered and how he came to be married to the evil witch..writers have not filled the viewers in on this..the chairman had all of these secret children to begin with and why he seems like such a poor excuse for a father....

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Nevertheless, it's a good drama and I hope it ends well for you. I'm happy to see you in Bel Ami, and I hope your role continues to entertain not only me but all the other viewers of this drama.I've never enjoyed watching dramas cuz they're too draggy, but having watched The Partner and then Glory Jane, I'm enjoying them.

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