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Kaname X Zero Sequel to "Boys Over Bishounen"- Zero disappeared for 4 years, came back with amnesia, and the sweet revelation of who actually turned him into a vampire. His secret feelings for the lover of his younger sister. Sugarcoated to seem like mercy, but torture in disguise. (Reverse Falls AU oneshot)Kaname was the one who turned Zero into a vampire and placed a curse on him. If only the hunter would stop trying to kill him every time he wakes up to Kaname hovering over him.' Prompted by These Scarlet Dropsof INK at 'Vampire Knight Yaoi Prompts Forum'.[AU/One! Zero and Ichiru are two new twins entering Cross academy to be guardians.

Yullen, Kanda XAllen rated T for now."Do you know what your name means Zero? Anakin agrees, saying he'll only marry a woman who possess a talent that nobody else has. :)Zero loves Kaname, but Kaname loves Yuki, and Yuki loves Kaname. The K-Pop business isn't all it's cracked up to be. Allen Walker, a half wolf, half human, of Cosmo's circus, sneaks out one night to find Kanda, who's just like him from another circus. Shion can't forget about a boy he befriended at the park the day of his twelfth birthday. Gray Man fan fiction ever so please DO leave me reviews. – dijo fastidiada./-Tú eres el cable de humanidad de Alucard. Heck I can't even answer that After the loss of Mana, Allen thought he could finally live in peace as he serves Kanda Yuu,the werewolf Lord for so long in the Underworld where the supernatural beings live but fate proves him wrong.pokerpair Allen's secretly a thief, Kanda's the sheriff, Lenalee a sweet waitress and Lavi a cheerful bartender... and even with rumors flying arund, they hold strong to each other. plz review Ok so this is a really weird story were Demyx is a shapeshifter and runs away from the village he and Axel live in. Sesshoumaru ponders on how much he has matured over the 7 years since the battle with Naraku, when he stumbled a upon a familiar priestess. He and Axel have a moment together which results in mixed feelings. Yullen Kanda Yuu, from a rich family, the kendo team's jewel.

He believes he won't find anyone suiting and it seems like he won't until a local miller presents his daughter. Yuki finds out that Zero loves her precious prince along the way, and a mysterious person decides to help Zero. Dark pasts, deep secrets and hidden emotions are a common thing. It was no secret that one Kanda Yu's favorite past time was gardening and taking care of plants. What will happen when the two meet, and what happens after they meet? When he doesn't see him again, he gives up hope, but during his second week of highschool a new student is transferred to his class... Nezumi/Shion When Zero first heard about the peace agreement between the Vampire council and the Hunter Association, he didn't expect to be the chosen one, who would have to live together with another vampire, and to make it worse, his partner was a pureblood. I want to know how do you readers think before I want to write a series. Sino no puedes controlarlo tú, nadie podrá.¡Cap 9 up! Roxas tells him what to do and Axel wants Demyx back. rated T because I say so Natsuki comes up with a plan for them to take part for Halloween. Allen Walker, a not so flashy student who eats beansprouts and rice for lunch. Axel burns his room down and is sent to live with Demyx, at least until it is fixed.