Drupal views rss feed not updating

23-Sep-2020 10:06

Hooks for defining new namespaces, /** * Implements hook_views_rss_channel_elements().* * Add a new RSS Channel field for adding a new image */ function MODULE_views_rss_channel_elements() /** * Implements hook_views_rss_options_form_validate().

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Visit Stack Exchange This module is designed to provide a way to export large amounts of data from views.

Background: So basically I'm trying to setup a blog but I'm running into serious issues trying to simply get the blog posts to display themselves. I put some of my own CSS into this stylesheet along with the parts that were auto-generated.

I created a custom Drupal 7 theme using the export function of Artisteer ( I should mention I did some amount of custom CSS to force the homepage to look the way I wanted.

So on each node page which refers to a "news" node, you have nothing in your page but your block (and the node title, which you can remove with display suite extras I guess).

I'm looking for the best way to import a feed, say BBC News and filter through all the content so only articles containing a keyword are stored in the database.It provides a display plugin that can rendered progressively in a batch.