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20-Jan-2020 14:15

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First, we need to have two functional Power DNS servers.One server will become our master server, while the second one will become our slave server.You can follow just Steps 1-7 on your slave server, since we don’t need Poweradmin on the secondary server.When you have two functional Power DNS servers, with at least one of them running Poweradmin, you can proceed to the next step.In this tutorial we will learn how to set up Power DNS in a master/slave configuration with automatic replication from the master DNS server to the slave.This tutorial is the second tutorial in our Power DNS series for Ubuntu.Configure BIND on the master server to allow zone transfer to a secondary server, edit the /etc/file in primary.itzgeek.local. ; Secondary Name server @ IN NS secondary.itzgeek.local. ; IP address of Primary Name Server primary IN A ; IP address of Secondary Name Server secondary IN A ; Mail exchanger itzgeek.local. ; A - Record Host Name To IP Address www IN A mail IN A ; CNAME record ftp IN CNAME

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However, if there is a connection issue during a zone update, this ensures the update will eventually propegate to the slave server when it is online again.Note that you should set up both glue records and SOA records at your registrar for the domain used for the nameservers themselves.