Dating your diet

20-Sep-2020 23:58

You can flirt with a hot guy for an evening, a month, a few years – and in the end tie the knot with a wholly different one or never commit for eternity.Diet dating can and should be like that: accepted – normal.People compliment us for what a great match we make. Probably more so with dating on first glance [“We’ll buy a house, then get two children, spend all holidays in our beach house …”] but in a way it’s true for diets, too.On the diet side this could be praise for our vegan/raw/paleo recipes or the ‘glow’ we perspire while eating a certain way. We might think about how this will influence our families, write cookbooks or build a brand around our diet.Between going out for drinks to meet new people and going out on dinner dates, it’s all too easy to lose sight of your weight loss goals during the excitement of dating.

Usually voicing their decision very carefully with an air of expected accusations about to rain down on them.However, you can still meet your weight loss goals regardless of the state of your love life.

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