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25-Jan-2020 17:48

That way you don’t skip over anything as you come up with your role-playing scenarios. The stakes are low when it is just you and the employee provided you’ve taught them well.But many will be afraid of making a fool of themselves, so make sure you do the first few exercises totally away from shoppers.If they believe in you, they will believe in the product you are selling.If a customer isn't fully committed to completing a sale, the difference may simply be the presence (or lack) of confidence a salesperson has towards the product or towards his or her knowledge of the product.The goal when coaching your staff is for your salespeople to show they understand your retail sales process and how to keep the conversation going.After your role play, you both can unpack what went right and what could have been done better.You want as many different examples and scenarios as you have shoppers.

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The old saw Do you want them to notice a customer’s reaction? Then come up with various scenes that provide gradually harder or more complex situations..Seeing someone completely enthusiastic about a product is one of the best selling tools.