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13-Jan-2020 14:28

This makes for a great morning to make the first tracks.Now that we’ve suffered through a particularly brutal winter, let's all remember why we love to live in Detroit: the gorgeous summers.The average snowfall in Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula is 273 inches.The lake effect snow is dry similar to western resorts and accumulates as powder which is untouched because we do not groom.It’s more chill than your parents’ bowling alley, but not quite in with the annoyingly hipster crowd.Plus, there are brews on-site, so you can let loose and have some fun.Mount Bohemia in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula has the longest runs with the highest vertical and deepest powder in the Midwest.

You used to make those cross-border trips to Windsor on a whim with your friends when you were just 19 and itching to order a drink.

Those days are long gone, but now that your tastes have become refined, you and your SO can explore all the cultural charms that Ontario has to offer.

Casinos, strip clubs, great restaurants, and the calmest border agents you’ve ever met (at least going into Canada) are all enough to induce unrivaled levels of passion.

Detroit’s meticulously renovated Redford Theatre is an ode to the heyday of the silver screen.

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A live organ performance marks the opening of each show, and cult classics like Dating is this often painful process of elimination where you’re finding out if you like what he/she likes.

Get the traditional farmer’s market madness on Saturdays or -- if your hubby hates crowds -- find a more leisurely experience on Tuesday nights.