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15-Jun-2020 08:14

And while the decision to use an app to develop a relationship of any kind is a personal one, it's worth considering why online friendship-making can be so helpful: Why are friendship apps so helpful? They offer a new way to expand your social circle The older we get, the clearer it becomes that meeting new, like-minded people can be incredibly difficult.

Using our existing social networks or pursuing our hobbies and interests are helpful places to start, but they aren’t always feasible or realistic options.

They can also be particularly appealing if the thought of going out into public in the hopes of meeting new friends feels overwhelming and anxiety-producing. You know you'll have something in common​ One of the benefits of using online platforms to meet and make friends is the comfort in knowing you have something in common.

A word of caution on the importance of connection...

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Friendship apps allow us to expand our networks in a way that was not possible previously.

This can be especially helpful if you have recently moved, live in a remote area, or are short on time because of your other relationships and responsibilities.

Because the root of friendship is often an underlying similarity with respect to our interests, values, or experiences, these kinds of apps can sometimes fast-track the friendship making process.