Dating services platonic love

19-Apr-2020 22:34

Researchers used a powerful new computer-assisted technology called single-cell transcriptomics that measures thousands of individual cells simultaneously to map cell types and molecular cascades ...

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“We ran a survey a year ago of about 2,000 random people to see how hard it was for them to make new friends once they hit adulthood.

We were surprised to see that only one out of three people found it easy to make friends, and fewer than 20 percent of people found it easy to make new friends within five years of moving to a new city.” Patook takes a high-tech approach to platonic matching: The app’s key feature is an algorithm based in artificial intelligence that detects when individuals are using the platform for flirting rather than friendship.

First, one woman writes that her boyfriend believes that "attraction will eventually get the better" of any straight male and female friends.Dating apps are betting that users are ready to swipe right on their new BFF.