Dating parker fly guitars

07-Nov-2020 05:54

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In 2009 US Music was sold to Jam Industries a Canadian Musical Instrument distributor. Based on the Fly model, it features a refined headstock, allowing the guitar to be hung on a standard guitar wall hanger, a refined top horn, which is more ergonomically and traditionally shaped, standardized pickup cavities, and a slightly thicker, heavier body.

It shares the same construction as the standard Fly.

This included switching to the larger, heavier Nite Fly truss rod increasing the weight of the neck and diminishing the volume of wood in the neck. As of late, Parker has released several special edition Flys.Also released under the select series was the koa Fly Mojo.New production and design is currently led by Terry Atkins, of Gibson custom shop fame.There are several options for finding the specific model you look for.

The most obvious is to just type in the model name, Stratocaster and Telecaster, which actually works okay. If you, on the other hand, uses different acronyms (listed below) you will end up with more options and sellers with some extremely relevant feedback. From the Stratocaster and Telecaster to the Jazzmaster and many other.

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