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03-Aug-2020 22:54

This has obviously happened to me more than him, but Hank felt this way when we went to India for the first time.He didn’t mind people coming up to him and shaking his hand because that wasn’t creepy, but he was SO OVER the secret selfies, constant stares, and very loud whispers.

Another time we stopped by a CVS pharmacy to pick up some water and snacks somewhere in Georgia.My husband will tell you how much more he notices injustice to minorities since we’ve been together.I’ll never forget when we drove to Atlanta from Austin.So, when I started dating Hank, I knew what to look for. I’m proud to say that my super southern, white husband can make a kickass biryani, has watched countless Bollywood and Tollywood movies, and speaks more Telugu than the average American Telugu guy.

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Besides integrity and character, I also looked for a deep love for God, and obviously, someone I found attractive. Find a guy who respects your culture and wants to be a part of it.

We stopped by Panera Bread on the outskirts of Montgomery, Alabama and the second we walked into the crowded eatery, the restaurant went silent.