Dating ford harold jr

27-Aug-2020 00:30

Gale Harold was born on 10 July 1969, in Decatur, Georgia, USA. His father was an engineer and his mother a real estate agent.He has two siblings named Ann Harold and David Harold.Either Cohen has some issues with White women dating outside of their race or it’s just a cheap political shot. Ford and the Lord Ford is running an ad that shows him in the church he grew up in.

I think this exposes a racial double-standard within Cohen, rather than the ad somehow playing on mix raced relationships.

I saw the ad and as a Black man who is married to a Black woman I saw nothing racist about it.

Nobody said a word along those lines till people like Cohen said something.

Watching D-Liberal named Ford trying to make himself appear so Conservative, while R-Liberal named Corker tries to make it appear he’s more Conservative than he actually is. But let the Liberals tell it and they’ll say the ad is racist. He feels showing a White Playboy bunny that wants to get with Ford is somehow playing on race.

Corker will prove to be more Liberal than his claims, assuming he wins the election, although he’s still better than Ford. Ironically one of the people making such claims is William Cohen, former Clinton cabinet member, who is also a former Republican U. I don’t see why a White woman would be excluded from the role and hearing it from Cohen is doubly insane.

Does this mean Democrats want racists to vote for Ford?

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