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10-Jul-2020 20:49

Almost all Dutch women (96 percent) say they have a monogamous relationship, and 82 percent want to continue their life with their partner.According to a survey the magazine Viva held among 725 women in their thirties.It is also extremely rare to see a women walking around in sweatpants. Most of the time I see women wearing skirts or pants.Due to the cold weather we are unable to dress a bit more sexy, but I would describe the “Dutch look” still as feminine.

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Men interested in Dutch women should not expect to be in control but they need to be ready to take control whenever it is needed.This is a free country where expression is embraced.It should be no wonder that the beautiful Dutch girls are the same way.Go to Dutch Beauties Directory The findings of Viva study on Dutch women and makeup: As many as 70 percent of respondents described themselves as vain.

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In addition,almost half of them spend at least fifteen minutes before the mirror before they go out.They are liberated and express their emancipation in many forms, from clothing, hairstyles, and peculiar behaviors.