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01-Apr-2020 14:59

Every single one I’ve been with has been so selfish! I want more and I would be so excited to have step kids!!!!!!! This goes both ways if the genders are reversed, but more often it is the male that sacrifices due to 1: more single moms than single dads out there and 2: men typically are the higher earners in the relationship and end up spending directly or indirectly on the woman's children from priors. Lol, im not going to ban you but childless men are NOT avoiding me... I am going on a date tonight and wanted to have a conversation about it... I think if you truly love someone the challenges both partners bring to the table need to be accepted!I’ve had talks with guy friends & colleagues and they say no man wants to raise another man’s children... Salty as it sounds, the above is why childless men avoid women with children. Personally I love kids & I wouldn’t mind sharing my income with someone else’s children. cheating, stealing, lies, addictions, laziness, being rude... I am a giver & I’ve always been & usually the bread winner... I want to lead with an open heart but can’t help to be protective of my own heart & my kids.I’m attractive so I feel like all guys say it’s fine, when it’s NOT what they want! When I go out on dates, I communicate the importance of knowing if my kind of situation is something they would consider.I’m a single mom (kids are 18 & 11) and I have joined the world of dating....eeek! I’m going on a date tonight with a childless man and he knows I have kids but I am so hesitant...every ex boyfriend I had has been childless and they could never step up to a step parent role.I just want a kind, generous guy..yes, loves kids and wants to raise more with me. Vast majority of dudes who will date a single mom are bad in one way or the other. Listen to your gut and dont sacrifice the safety of your children for your love life. Just imagine: someone else's kid in your house.

While it's normal to want to be the top priority to your partner, when you're dating a man with children you'll have to accept that his kids come first -- which is a good thing.You don’t want to commit to a man who will brush off plans with his children to sneak out for a date with you.Attending his youngster's little league championship will outweigh an afternoon at the movies, and tending to sore tummies will cancel out a romantic weekend trip at a moment's notice.Dating a man with kids differs a bit from dating a childless guy as the guy’s ex is usually out of the picture -- not dropping off kids every weekend.

Not to mention the children’s museum doesn’t often make it onto the date night hot spot list for guys without kids, and spontaneity is almost certainly a childless concept.

my kids taught me how to be selfless and how to grow as a person...