Dating and australia

24-Dec-2020 15:53

From Miranda Kerr to Margot Robbie, the world-renowned beauty of Australian ladies is largely undisputed. Whatever the reason, with so many Antipodean ex-pats living in Britain, it's time to get familiar with what folks from down under are actually like. taken-by=luisaloser On that note: here's this JOE writer's definitive guide to why you should be dating an Aussie. Don't expect Aussies to be impressed with a ~sunny~ day in London.

That said, they have much more of an appreciation for hiking, swimming and skiing than us Brits. Call me a p*ssy, but my girlfriend deals with all the intrusive spiders when we're at home together.

But that doesn't mean that Australians expect doors held open for them either.

Many Australian girls will even get offended if you try to stand up for them in public. Narrowly missing out on the pompous austerity of the Victorian era made Aussies far more in touch with their feelings.

After all, she's probably built up a healthy dose of anti-toxins in her blood after all those years in Oz, and I'm pretty lazy.

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